1)  Arrive at first tee box ready to go and at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.


2)  Have your golf balls clearly marked for identification purposes and declare to fellow players.


3)  Play “READY GOLF”.  There is no penalty in stroke play for hitting out of turn so play away with observance and respect to fellow golfers.  Do not use the “HONORS” system except maybe for birdies.


4)  Always play a provisional ball if you believe you may have gone out of bounds or perhaps have a lost ball.


5)  When searching for a fellow player’s lost ball, have the two players who are farthest away hit, then replace the players who are searching for the lost ball.  Observe 5 minute lost ball rule.


6)  If in doubt of a ruling or you cannot come to a ruling within the group, play a second ball, record both scores and immediately get a ruling after the round with tour managers or club pro.  Announce your intentions clearly to your group.


7)  If there is enough distance across the fairway between you and another golfer on your approach shot, monitor the situation, be respectful and hit away.


8)  When all players are on the green, the player with the ball lying closest to the hole should tend or remove the flag. 


9)  Know when you are next away to putt, have the green read and plumb bobbed etc. and proceed to address when the previous player’s ball is rolling to the hole.


10)  NEVER mark scores at or around the finished green.  Proceed to the next tee box to log scores.


11)  First player at tee box ready, hit away.  Sharing distances is acceptable.  Sharing club selection is not.


12)  Triple bogey maximum.


13)  If you cannot see the group in front of you, then you are behind.


Finally, it is our goal at PSAG to provide an enjoyable, well run tournament.  Rounds in 4 hrs 30 minutes or less is reasonable and expected.  We reserve the right to implement a one stroke penalty to all players in a group that is determined to be well out of position.  Police your own group.  We are all here to enjoy a competitive round with friends.  Certain instances do occur to cause a slight delay however, if a group is waiting to play “all or most” of the 18 holes then we have a problem!  And it WILL be dealt with!


Thanks for your cooperation,

Bob and Denny